USAFA Class Histories

USAFA Class Histories (UCH)

This website describes the purpose, structure, and evolving content of the USAFA Class Histories (UCH) project. The target user audiences are: cadets (past, present, and future) and those who care about cadets. Sponsored by the class of 1963 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the UCH represents one aspect of the 1963 gift.

Coordinating with the Academy Leadership and Endowment, the Class of 1963 developed a class endowment concept that embraces support for the UCH, the Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) and the Center for Oral History (COH). The endowment is intended to fund and sustain the UCH and provide meaningful curriculum development and operational support for the CCLD and the COH. The UCH, CCLD and COH jointly reinforce the basic mission and values of the Air Force Academy.

The UCH provides all graduated classes a separate section and basic content including: Class Crest and Heraldry, Key Data and a basic Alpha Roster. Classes, at nominal expense, may decide to enhance their content using UCH provided templates and models, or link existing class sites to the UCH. They may also contribute to the UCH Academy Archive that seeks and features rare photos, documents, and forgotten or neglected audio and video media. The UCH goal is to create a personal history portraying graduate experiences and contributions over the years and bring credit to the Academy, the Air Force and the nation.

The 1963 section of the UCH (complete in 2013) presents the class story - the 1959 to 1963 Academy years and beyond,even reaching to tomorrow. Using text, old and new photos, documents, and individual videos (first person recounts designed to inform, inspire, or entertain), the goal of UCH is to provide a comprehensive story of every 1963 graduate.

The 1963 section of the UCH also provides Arnold Hall Heritage Site detail, a Contrails section to highlight class achievement, a Debrief segment with extended interviews of selected classmates (in coordination with the COH) and a Golden Boy Archive (GBA) section featuring 1963 specific stories and materials, all forming a part of the larger UCH Academy Archive section. UCH is expanding rapidly with colorful and amusing personal accounts, photos, documents and audio and video.

Since the Academy leadership recognizes the potential for enduring and increasing importance of the UCH project, classes will be encouraged to establish a class historian and participate in UCH content growth and management.

The UCH will be a stand alone website linked to the 'official' AOG site ( Technical provisions and procedures are in place to insure endurance and upgrade capability over the coming generations of Air Force Academy graduating classes.

Input to Lou Matjasko, Class Historian, Gil Merkle, Class CTO. (Click to email)